I have always treated the colour blue with a little caution when using on interior walls. Not because I don’t like the colour, but because if used in the wrong tone in the wrong place, it can feel very cold and lifeless. A while ago I was visiting the new home of a friend. The hallway, which doesn’t get a lot of light, had been painted by previous owners in a pale blue. It felt very cold and unwelcoming; not what you want to see when you arrive and leave your home everyday! She has now painted the walls with a much warmer colour tone and it has changed the feel of the entrance completely.

However blue can be a brilliantly warm, inviting and relaxing colour! Dulux named Denim Drift as their colour of the year for 2017 and it is a versatile colour that works in so many different areas of the home.


Little Greene do some lovely paint colours and have lots of beautiful blue tones to choose from. I particularly like ‘Grey Stone’ ‘James’ and ‘Juniper Ash’. If you want to soften the look you could combine a darker blue with a blush pink, which is also on trend. This gives a good mix of both boldness and warmth.

If you want to introduce some colour into your home but are a little scared of anything too bright, a nice blue hue could be just the thing. Combining two blue tones can work really well, especially when using a darker, bolder tone on a ‘feature’ wall. It will show off an artwork, fireplace, desk space or headboard to great effect. For a clean and fresh look try combining blue with a crisp white, this classic combo never goes out of style. So go and have some fun with a colour chart!






A very easy way to freshen up your home is to invest in some plants. Nothing screams spring is here, quite like a few new green shoots brightening the place up! They don’t have to be expensive and it can be nice to add to, and grow your collection, over time (please excuse the pun).

1\  Succulents and cacti are a cheap and easy way to bring a little life into your home. There are so many different varieties, I am obsessed with them. They are great for anyone who feels that they always kill off plants, as they need very minimal watering!

You can easily find cool mini plant pots online, or in trendy homeware shops. Alternatively you can use something you might already have lying around the house, such as an old jar, a tin can or that favorite mug that is chipped, but you don’t want to throw it away. Read the tutorial from Home Edit to get recycling that tin of baked beans you had for breakfast!



2\  Terrariums are another option for displaying succulents, which can be made or bought pre-constructed. These are mini gardens constructed under glass. They are really cute and should be fairly easy to maintain. For those in the London area, you could attend a workshop by London Terrariums to construct your own masterpiece. They make great gifts too!

3\ Medium sized plants can be great to place anywhere in the home you want livening up. You could put a few together to create a feature. If you don’t have any free surface space plant stands can look really cool tucked into a corner, this will elevate a smaller pot plant off the floor, to give it some impact. Ikea sell a range of modern plant holders that look chic, trendy and are also inexpensive.

4\ Larger sized plants – you can invest in a larger pot plant from any good garden center or such like. Ikea often has a good range of indoor plants. You always want to make sure that what you are buying is suitable for the area of the house you have in mind. If you do shop in a smaller local independent shop, they should be able to give you advice depending on your requirements – such as will it be in a cooler or warmer room, and will it be exposed to sunlight or shade. Alternatively you might have space on a window sill, in which case you could opt for outdoor plants or herbs.


A larger plant could be used as the focal point for the room so make sure you pick something with the correct height (or one that will be OK in the space if it grows much larger). Some relatively easy-to-keep plant types to consider, shown below, click on each one to see the names.

4\ Planter options….. here you can go wild! Just ensure you have something in the base to collect excess water, if you go for something that is porous, such as a basket. Some good high street places to look for these options are: La Redoute, H&M Homeware, Ikea, Tiger (in store only), Zara Home 

5\ Kitchen herbs – not only will these look great, but you can also use them in your cooking! For a cheap, easy and fun way to store your herbs this tutorial shows how to use mason jars as planters. If you live in a flat with a small kitchen then a windowsill might be a better option. Alternatively you could opt for fragrant plants such lavender which look great and smell even better!

So now you can fill your home with some plant life, and don’t worry if you manage to kill a few off. The more plants you have the more likely you are to remember to water them. Before long you will be living in a jungle like me, with a fern in the bathroom, palm in the living room, basil in the kitchen and a cactus….. safely out of harms way on a bedroom shelf!








So as most of you will have noticed, the tropical trend for interiors is still going strong! Here are some inexpensive pieces you can pull together to freshen up your living spaces for Spring/Summer without breaking the bank. This is a really fun trend where you can mix bright colours together or you could choose one colour of different tones to play around with. I would try to stick to using no more than 3 main colours, to help keep a look tied together.

La Redoute

This online store has some real hidden gems at bargain prices. They usually have a sale/discount code running so check that out before purchasing.


Society 6 sells a massive range of prints and homeware with thousands of artists to choose from. I sell Here There & Home prints on there too! Check them out and let me know what you think.

Prints start from as little as £15 so you could buy a few in different sizes and up-cycle some second hand frames.


I really like displaying prints using wooden poster hangers, as it makes it so simple to updates things when you get bored. It means you don’t have to get rid of old prints simply store them away until you fancy a change again. Loads of places sell them including Phirefly – see the two pictures below, they come in A4 and A3 sizes.


Although slightly more of an underwater vibe, I had to include these items; Zara are bringing the colour and I love it. They have a fun range of items inspired by the sea and I want it all!

H & M Home

There are loads of inexpensive homeware items at H&M and they are constantly updating the range. Items can be bought online or in store.




I found Uashmama whilst wandering through ‘The Rocks’ which is the oldest part of Sydney, near to the harbour. The streets are full of lovely shops, bars and restaurants. I really wanted to buy ALL the items in this store but I have zero space to pack anything into my suitcase, which is already bursting at the seams. Luckily for me they sell online.

Based in Australia but produced in Italy these items are all handmade.

”UASHMAMA washable paper looks and feels like leather but washes with ease. Our bags are soft yet resilient, where the manufacturing process is similar to leather the paper is stretched and tanned making it durable to withstand washing and daily use.” – Uashmama website.

I know what is going onto my Christmas list this year!