A lick of paint can have a huge impact on your interior space and it’s easy to just pop down to the local DIY store to pick up a tin. Sometimes all you need is a quick room refresh, however it’s not often that we stop to think about the environmental impact of our decorating habits… not to mention the impact of toxins from paint on our own health! Toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are often found in household paint. From 2010 onwards, new EU directives have helped to reduce the amount of them in our paint pots, but some brands are better than others when it comes to their eco credentials.

Using water-based alternatives, that are low in VOCs or solvent free, are a great start to ensuring your walls are more environmentally friendly and better for your lungs. These paints are especially good if you are an expectant mother or have children. A lot of conventional paints give off harmful chemicals whilst you are painting with them and potentially for a long time afterwards too. This can be especially bad for people with allergies and conditions such as asthma.

Paint companies are realising the power of environmentally friendly paint and there are more eco friendly ranges available for you to choose from than ever before. Even big brands such as Crown, Dulux and Farrow & Ball have their own versions of more eco friendly colours. Here are some companies that you might not have heard of but are worth considering for your next DIY project.


Auro paint is sold by various stockists. The Organic & Independant Paint Co. being one of them.

For more than 30 years, AURO has been relying on organic and mineral raw materials. All products are compostable and can thus be re-integrated into the natural cycle of materials. AURO is the pioneering enterprise in the field of consistently ecological paints, wood care and cleaning products.. AURO’s paints, stains, oils, waxes, cleaning and care products show that products manufactured from natural raw materials are highly efficient and offer a unique combination of high quality and ecological orientation.”  Taken from the Auro website.

Here is a selection of their colours available for their natural emulsion classic eco interior wall paint – colour chart


“Earthborn was founded as a small, independent brand back in 2002, with the aim of providing a true environmentally friendly alternative to conventional paints. So it is safe to say that we have been supplying eco paints in the UK since before most people had heard of ‘eco’!  Since then we have worked hard to build a trusted reputation for performance with style.

Taking a holistic approach to environmental issues we consider not only what goes into the breathable paint but also, perhaps more importantly, what comes out. Therefore all ingredients are carefully considered before being chosen, ensuring that our paints remain free from acrylics, oils and vinyl.”  Taken from the Earthborn website.

Lakeland Paints

“In 1985, all paints were smelly paints, so Ian West and John Ashworth spent 6 years developing the world’s first Odourless, Organic, Eco VOC – Free paints & varnishes for healthy homes, nurseries, babies & the pregnant. Thirty years on we stay true to this promise, making the same super quality paints for everyone including those with Asthma, Allergies, CFS, MCS at our workshop in the Lune Valley.”  Taken from the Lakeland paint website.

Little Greene

“Little Greene is an independent, British paint manufacturer, committed to the socially and environmentally responsible production of high quality paints and wallpapers. With records dating back to the year 1773.

All our waterbased paints carry the industry’s lowest eco-rating, with VOC content now virtually zero. This means you don’t need to worry about solvent contributions to the atmosphere or any respiratory issues, or the smell; they are virtually odourless.

At Little Greene we have always been totally committed to the ongoing well-being and protection of the world environment and in 2004 we were one of the first UK paint manufacturers to achieve the European environmental standard BS EN ISO 14001.”Taken from the Little Greene website

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