I have always treated the colour blue with a little caution when using on interior walls. Not because I don’t like the colour, but because if used in the wrong tone in the wrong place, it can feel very cold and lifeless. A while ago I was visiting the new home of a friend. The hallway, which doesn’t get a lot of light, had been painted by previous owners in a pale blue. It felt very cold and unwelcoming; not what you want to see when you arrive and leave your home everyday! She has now painted the walls with a much warmer colour tone and it has changed the feel of the entrance completely.

However blue can be a brilliantly warm, inviting and relaxing colour! Dulux named Denim Drift as their colour of the year for 2017 and it is a versatile colour that works in so many different areas of the home.


Little Greene do some lovely paint colours and have lots of beautiful blue tones to choose from. I particularly like ‘Grey Stone’ ‘James’ and ‘Juniper Ash’. If you want to soften the look you could combine a darker blue with a blush pink, which is also on trend. This gives a good mix of both boldness and warmth.

If you want to introduce some colour into your home but are a little scared of anything too bright, a nice blue hue could be just the thing. Combining two blue tones can work really well, especially when using a darker, bolder tone on a ‘feature’ wall. It will show off an artwork, fireplace, desk space or headboard to great effect. For a clean and fresh look try combining blue with a crisp white, this classic combo never goes out of style. So go and have some fun with a colour chart!





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