5 ways to make your interiors cosy for Winter

Winter always seems to approach so rapidly. One minute you are musing at the beautiful autumn colours appearing on the trees and the next Christmas lights are appearing in all the shops! Although it happens every year, the cold weather and the nights drawing in seem to throw us off balance. Although this time of year can be a bit miserable, arriving home to a cosy and inviting space can really lift your spirits. I love getting home, putting the kettle on and feeling cosy!

Sometimes it can feel tricky to transition your home from a Spring/Summer to Autumn/Winter style. You don’t need to redecorate, just adapt what you already have. Here are five tips to making your home feel more cosy this Winter.

Step one – Invest in some throws, blankets and cushions. Adding layers to your sofa and bedding will instantly make your interiors feel more inviting and sumptuous. Whilst these may seem fussy and excessive in the warmer months, when it is cold they make snuggling up on the sofa much more appealing. There are so many different styles to choose from which often work well mixed to create multiple textures – faux furs, chunky knits, velvets, linens and wools. I like to have different layers for the summer and winter, swapping and storing them away depending on the season.

Step two – If you have non-carpeted flooring anywhere in the house consider buying a rug, even if you remove it during warmer months. Padding about on a cold floor really makes you feel chilly, especially when you get out of bed in the morning!


Step three – Check your lighting. Adding the right lighting into any interiors scheme can totally transform a space. Winter nights are all about feeling cosy and soft lighting will add to that ambience. Candles, be it real or electric always make a room feel more relaxing. Low level accent lighting like lamps also help to give a softer glow so you can turn off that bright main light! Also fairy lights aren’t just for Christmas, soft white LED bulbs don’t use much power and give off a great amount of light for relaxing in the evening and watching TV. Consider buying a faux fire heater to sit in your living room, for the coldest months, if you can’t have a real one. Alternatively use lighting such as lanterns, to create a cosy focal point to you sitting room.

Step four – Invest in a good duvet and cover! This may seem obvious but being nice and toasty when the heating goes off at night will make all the difference to you getting a good nights sleep. An old lumpy duvet and bobbly sheets are never appealing! A micro fibre mattress topper can also add a layer of cosiness to your bed that helps with you feeling toasty!

Step five – During colder months we tend to spend so much more time inside. Use this opportunity to make your place feel personal to you and decorated in a way that makes you want to spend time there. Having a home you enjoy spending time in means you are more likely to invite friends and family around. Paint an accent wall colour to brighten up a neglected room and give it a new lease of life. Although buying plants seems like a spring occupation, treat yourself to some during the winter months and it will energise your rooms and keep it feeling homely.

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